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Last Vote - AAA - Asia Artist Awards Last App. Vote Results End. 가수 · 드라마(남) · 드라마(여). 2016-11-12 24:00 KST . RANK, NAME, RATE. 1. EXO. 38.86%. 2. BTS. 35.96%. 3. SEVENTEEN. 4.59 挪威的森林

asia artist awards

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2016 Asia Artist Awards-视频在线观看- 爱奇艺 娱乐-爱奇艺 2016 Asia Artist Awards是由爱奇艺娱乐创建的播单,共包含11个视频:2016AAA颁奖典礼 赵震雄EXO成大赏得主,2016AAA颁奖典礼红毯 EXO防弹齐聚帅气现身,EXO《Lotto c0930与h0930资源

K-stars urge you to vote for them for the Asia Artist Awards! - Oct 18, 2016 - For the first time ever, you can directly impact your favorite stars' chances of winning the Asia Artist Award! For the inaugural event, awarding

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